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Taxi Service During Coronavirus: Travel Safe & Secure With A Trusted Travel Agency!

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has already spread all across the globe and everyone has to take the best care all the time because it is a time where you need to be “CHAIN BREAKER” of COVID-19.

In order to maintain safety & security, now is the time when you have to consider some safety measures even while traveling around. At Shri Charbhuja Travels, our team makes sure that your travel will remain safe with us. This pandemic situation has caught the entire world in a fence with a complete holdup of daily activities. As of now, when I am writing this blog, there’s almost 5 months of continued lockdown and now there are some additional services provided by the government for migrants to travel back to their places. For the esteemed efforts of government, it is needed to be given applause to what all they have done for making things better.

While considering the safety of every individual and following the norms laid by the government, we are providing our reliable taxi service in Jaipur for movement across the country. We are happy to resume all our services in every zone including the Green, Orange, and Red (just for emergency cases), and help people to remain safe during the course of a private journey. On the concept of delivering quality services to the clients, we mainly emphasis on considering all the precautionary measures to deal with the spread of coronavirus. So, you can remain assured of your safety as it is now our responsibility. 

How we do it?

We take responsibility for your safe travel by following all the precautionary guidelines issued by WHO. The stringent and rigorous measures we undertake are our small initiative to help people in our best way, and for this, we only request your cooperation and support. Some of the most important measures we consider are –

  • A hand sanitizer bottle in every car for our riders
  • Fully disinfect the car before and after every ride to make it a safe space for every passenger traveling with us.
  • Extra care in airing out all the cars before & after every trip to eliminate all the chances of transmissible infection.

Safety measures are taken by drivers:

Our fully trained and professional drivers are the pride of Shri Charbhuja Travels who deliver their best as quality service. We support our chauffeurs and also ensure that their safety will not be compromised at all. For their security, we have ensured some precautions from our end which includes –

  • The drivers have been equipped with hand sanitizer and masks to make the car travel safe and secure
  • We provider disinfectants for our drivers to help them clean the cars after every ride
  • Intensive and rigorous training is provided to them for their personal and cab hygiene.
  • Our drivers are completely instructed with the following social distancing.

What do we do to ensure our customer’s safety?

To serve our customers with the best of our responsibilities, we make sure some of our key policies where we rely on to curb up the coronavirus spread. And these policies are –

  • Always carry a handy COVID-19 Travel kit containing a mask, hand sanitizer, and a bed sheet to cover the seats with. Although all our cabs and taxis are disinfected after every ride, we still perform the best we can do. Also, we request you to remove all points of some possible contacts to ensure your own safety as well as of driver riding the car.
  • In order to have a zero-contact ride, you can load or unload your luggage from the car
  • Use a hand sanitizer whenever needed
  • When riding with a driver, you should remain sensitive to their safety too.
  • Maintain a safe distance
  • Dispose of any tissue or piece of cloth that you are willing to garbage.

With all of these key factors, we ensure your hassle-free travel with us. So, book your ride with us and get relax because all your worries will be catered well by our dedicated team at Shri Charbhuja Travels.