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Taxi Rentals in Covid-19: Hire the Best!

At Charbhuja Travels, we serve the best and reliable taxi services in Jaipur, and it’s our prime responsibility during the course of your journey would be to keep you healthy and safe during the pandemic situation of COVID-19. As the infection is spreading day by day, we want you to remain safe while enjoying your journey. For intercity transfers in Jaipur, it is the best thing that you can do is to not risk your life and choose a trusted one for your transportation needs. Here, we want you to know that how we take the best care for your safety while traveling with us. So, just take a look at how do we do this - 

By Driver: Our drivers take the best safety measures by covering themselves properly with masks and hand gloves. Also, we make sure we keep the proper distance also consider all those things that make you feel safe. Some important steps taken by our driver are - 

Keeping cars clean - Always before the journey starts or ends, the drivers clean the car entirely from inside and outside both. Afterward, they disinfect the car with sanitizer which remains in the car always. The cleaning process is done with the utmost care by doing it in every part of the car like door handles or more. So, you can completely trust our Car Rental Services in Jaipur.

On the road - Usually, the mid-way stop is avoided at any unknown place. The stops are just taken when fully confirmed for the safety at that place. Drivers wear gloves for a precaution and also wash off the hands before and after driving. Also, there is a sanitizer kept in the car to sanitize the hands whenever they find it necessary. 

Proper care of hygiene - Using soap and water to clean the hands for at least 20 seconds is the first thing that our driver do always. Also, they follow the guidelines of WHO, i.e. avoid touching face, keeping hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth, as much as possible. Even they keep their mobile phones disinfectant always. 

Off the road - If any of our drivers feel unwell, they won’t serve you. 

By passengers: Where we guarantee your safety, we believe that you’ll corporate with us too. Just like your safety is our main focus, we also do not make any compromise with our driver’s safety as well. For which, we believe that you’ll consider some major steps in your taxi rental service in Jaipur, like - 

On the road - Keep hand sanitizer with you always when you step out of the house. 

Personal hygiene - Do maintain personal hygiene every time you travel by washing off your hands from time to time and avoid interactions with other people. 

Off the road - If you feel any sort of illness like cough, fever, and other symptoms, it’s better to delay your road trip for a few days. If you step out of your place, wear a face mask to protect yourself and others too. 

Important note: All the government norms will be followed by our experienced chauffeurs. So that any sort of inconvenience will not be there on your travel with us. 

Book your cab hire in Jaipur with us and enjoy the safest ride from Jaipur.