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Rajasthan Temple Tour: Immerse Yourself In The Divine Vibes!

A very own land of royals, Rajasthan is one of India's most astounding states that makes everyone fall in love with its beautiful sights. Offering incredible reasons to make Rajasthan Tour a way of ideal vacation with family or friends, this place is truly an amazing destination to go on holidays. With the shades of luxury and aesthetic traditional wealth, it enchants the travelers in multiple ways. The periphery of this beautiful state evolves with some mesmerizing tales of history and cultural heritage. 

From mighty hills to gigantic forts, there's so much to see on a round trip of Rajasthan that makes everyone enjoy all the joys of travel in this place. While seeking the richness of Rajasthan's tradition, you'll encounter myriads of things in the backward regions or urban areas. But what exactly is there in the state that binds everyone to encourage their age-old customs is "Spirituality". Experiencing the divine side of Rajasthan will take you deep into the magic of beautiful religious sites or temples that can be a part of your Rajasthan sightseeing tour by Jaipur Taxi Services.

Brahma Temple in Pushkar - The rarest temple of Lord Brahma embraces the land of Rajasthan by its beauty and grace. Situated in Pushkar Lake, this precious temple was believed to be constructed 2000 year back and also featured as one of the most revered Hindu temples to be visited on a Jaipur Pushkar Taxi. 

Eklingji Temple in Udaipur - One of the most renowned religious sites in Rajasthan, Eklingji Temple is a famous Hindu Pilgrimage site. People from across the state flock here to worship Lord Shiva on their Jaipur Udaipur Cab. The temple architecture is absolutely awe-inspiring which contains a pyramid style of roof and carved tower. 

Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke - The noteworthy Rat Temple in Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple is devoted to Karni Mata and is located in Deshnoke which lies nearly 30 kms from Bikaner. This temple is a home of more than 20,000 rats living in this temple. 

Salasar Balaji Temple in Salasar - A religious temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman which is located in Salasar in Churu district of Rajasthan. It is one among the most revered Hindu Pilgrimage attractions which is widely worshiped by devotees on the same day Jaipur Salasar Taxi Rental like a day excursion from Jaipur. 
Mehendipur Balaji Temple in Karauli - Another famous temple of Rajasthan is Mehendipur Balaji Temple in Karauli district which is widely known for healing powers. It is highly believed that this temple can help in the exorcism of evil spirits. If you are planning to go for ritualistic healing escape in Rajasthan, then you can plan your Jaipur Mehendipur Balaji day trip. 

Moti Dungri Temple in Jaipur - While getting around the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour, one thing that you can’t miss out is Moti Dungri Temple and worship the grand and ancient idol of Lord Ganesha. The architecture of the temple showcases the Nagara Style of design and is modulated as Scottish castles. 

Rajasthan is greatly a paradise of royalty and cultural splendor that amuses both national as well as international tourists who throng the state every year in abundance. Getting around in the state is quite easy to go with the best car rentals for single or small family trips. Other than this, if you choose to go on a group tour then Tempo Traveller Jaipur Rentals is the best option for you. The comfy seats and clean interiors will allow you to enjoy your holidays in the best convenient way. So, while planning your holidays in Rajasthan get a chance to see its spiritual side where you can explore the above listed beautiful holy shrines of this state.