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Jaipur to Sariska Taxi

Jaipur to Sariska Taxi

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Jaipur to Sariska Tours Taxi

Sariska National Park is in the hills of Aravali in Alwar district and it was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1958. It was included in 'Project Tiger' as Tiger Reserve in 1979. This park has a vast area of 800 sq. Kms and is found in a variety of species, flora and fauna.jaipur to sariska taxi

90 percent area of this park is surrounded by the trees of the Dhok. Apart from this, there are dry-rich type of flora like Khair, Plum, Sarwal and Goria. In the summer season the park gets very dry and greenery rises in the monsoon. Organisms Various types of wildlife species present here include sambhar, chital, chasimha, nilgai, wild boar, rhesus macaque and langur. There is also family of carnivorous animals including wild dogs, jackal, wild cat, leopard, woodcutter and tiger.

A large number of peacocks can also be seen swirling, which, when cloudy, their wings spread and also attract. Other species of birds include red wild chickens, peacocks, sparrow, woodpeckers, kingfishers, cuckoo, pheasants, great Indian hors d'owls, Sangraus, tree pie, drongo, sunbird parakeet and vulture.

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